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Lending Policies

  • 1.Each beneficiates can check out any material except references, encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries and special collections in both references and periodicals sections.
  • 2.Faculty members are allowed to borrow 15 books throughout the semester.
  • 3.Bachelor students can borrow up to 3 books for ten days that can renewed.
  • 4.Employees can borrow five books for ten days.
  • 5.Postgraduate students can borrow five books for two weeks.
  • 6.When a book is lost who loses it will be fined its price duplicated.
  • 7.Book lending for all university workers and students using their university ID.
  • 8.Books placed on the reservation shelf only lent overnight, starting at 3:30 pm till next day morning.
  • 9.The lending beneficiary shall be deprived twice the delay period after the first week of delay and deprivation process shall be carried out automatically.