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Library Services

  • 1. Lending : The library uses open lending system that allows students to move between books and directly identify books and select the required material. The student who wishes to borrow a book can go to lending officer and have his / her university identity as the process is computerized. The borrowing only happens by student or beneficiary's identity. Then the book registered by computer using student's university number and other data. In case you didn’t find what you’re looking for the lending officer will search for it and tell you if it’s available, to make it easier to access the required material.
  • 2.Search and Guide :The library provides assistant to beneficiaries who search for materials and guide them to it through the employee in the halls to offer help.
  • 3. Online Databases: : The library joins online databases to serve university research and academic process. These databases benefits both students and faculty members. All researchers can access these databases through the library website in and outside campus, using this link: Online Databases
  • 4. Dedication:The library offers programs of dedications with universities libraries’. Also it presents donations to local community to strengthen cooperation between university and local society and encourage reading among Palestinians.
  • 5. University Book Fair :University Library organizes an annual book fair with participation of major local publishing houses in presence of universities libraries’, cultural institutions, public libraries and secondary school libraries.