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Library Sections

The library divided into :

  • 1. Administrative section: This department sets the library’s policies, develop its belongings, guide employees, supervise all library works and achieve its goals to serve beneficiaries and researchers.
  • 2. Cataloging and Classification section: This department do all the technical work for library materials from cataloging and classification.
  • 3. Lending section: This section is responsible for lending books, returning them, follow up late books, prepare monthly reports to know lending amount and coordination with faculty members regarding reservation.
  • 4.Periodicals section: This section follows up the periodicals subscription, receiving and arranging them on shelves and announce their arrival and indexing.
  • 5. References section:This section introduces beneficiaries to the use of references, their nature and kinds and guide the beneficiaries.
  • 6. Secretary: This section follows up the library correspondences, archiving, distribute employees’ mail and receive all beneficiaries’ incoming calls.
  • 7. Supplying section: This section receives requests for books purchases sent by faculty members, check them on the library computerized system and ensure they are not in the library and receive the arrived books from publishing houses or any provided sources.