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Library Director Speech

The University Library aims to provide knowledge and information to the beneficiaries of students and teaching and administrative bodies members. It works to supplement the library with books, references and online databases which are available in many scientific and literary electronic journals. Also, it is a major pillar in the University because of its influence on research and teaching process. In this regard, University administration gave great attention to it, so they prepared it three years before opening the university. Moreover, worked on developing its collection through participating in international exhibitions or based on faculty members requests’. Its belongings are among the most important indicators of the university development compared to first universities, but more importantly the use of the library by students or faculty members. All faculty members are invited to visit it constantly. I also encourage students to visit it, use its collections on daily basis and check everything new to develop their cultural and scientific knowledge, the library makes tours for new students to introduce them to it. In partnership with computer center, the library has designed a computerized library program, works in Oracle environment that serves all the works of art from entering, searching, borrowing and serving all the beneficiaries who go to the library.